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List of Books and Plays

Complete Book Publications

Songs of a Certain Humanity - A Collection of Poems, Lyrics and Poetic Fables, Socrates, Emerson & Co., 2022


Fabled Lives: Simple Stories You Need For Living In A Complex World (an audio-only book with original music by the author), Socrates, Emerson & Co., 2021


Beyond Me: Dissecting Ego To Find The Innate Love At Humanity's Core (A New Psychology As Philosophy), Socrates, Emerson & Co., 2019


Florida History, Heinemann Library, 2002

Florida Native Peoples, Heinemann Library, 2002

All Around Florida, Heinemann Library, 2002

People of Florida, Heinemann Library, 2002

Florida Plants and Animals, Heinemann Library, 2002

Uniquely Florida, Heinemann Library, 2002

Hard News, Domhan Books, 2001

The Summer Olympics, Children's Press, 2000

Weightlifting, Children's Press, 2000

Equestrian Events, Children's Press, 2000

Track and Field, Children's Press, 2000

Martial Arts, Children's Press, 2000

Pocket Guide to the 2000 Olympics, Sports Illustrated for Kids, 2000

Blasting Into the Past, Paradise Press, 2000 (under a pseudonym)

What Would We Do Without Jill?, Paradise Press, 2000 (under a pseudonym)

Super Eight: Today's Hottest Sports Stars, Sports Illustrated for Kids, 1999

The Terrible Terror Book, Paradise Press, 1997 (under a pseudonym)

Watch 'Em Kill, Paradise Press, 1997 (under a pseudonym)

The Animal Rebellion, Paradise Press, 1996 (under a pseudonym)

The Haunting House, Paradise Press, 1996 (under a pseudonym)

A Ghastly Shade of Green, Paradise Press, 1996 (under a pseudonym)

The Spider Kingdom, Paradise Press, 1996 (under a pseudonym)

Lost In Dreamland, Paradise Press, 1996 (under a pseudonym)

Babyface and the Killer Mob, Paradise Press, 1996 (under a pseudonym)


Complete Dramatic Works

This (Bleep)ing World, November 2005 -- A short wordless comedy. First staged reading, The Studio Theatre of Wellington, Wellington, Florida, 2006


Empath 52 Equals You, 2004 -- An Interactive Cyberfilm. Internet production pending


In Mordant Whispers, 2003 -- A full-length play. First public reading, GableStage, Miami, 2006


Never Nothin' Again No More -- A one-act play. Commissioned and originally produced by Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami, 2001


The Sea -- A radio play. Originally broadcast in 1975 on KPFA-FM in Berkeley, California.